Good pictures, bad pictures jr.


A simple plan to protect young minds.

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«How old should my child be when I begin warning them about pornography?

The right age is when your child has any access to the internet.

The good news is that even preschoolers can learn a simple definition of bad pictures, and can use the Turn, Run and Tell plan to keep themselves safe!

«It´s never too early to start teaching kids healthy media habits! Reading Good pictures bad pictures jr. to your young children is a beautiful way to empower them to make safe internet choices.»
– Sean Covey

«What a gift to be able to sit with our little ones on our laps and discuss together a daunting topic in such an easy way». – Melody Bergman

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Dra. Gail A. Pyner, Kristen A. Jensen


3-5 años


Glen Cove Press


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